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Why free though? Plus some terms:

Want to steal hearts? Give value first. That is our primary goal here at Team Loccaly. Companies have many ways of getting their clients’ first foot into their doors. This is our way. We’ve invested a lot of money, time and efforts into making these services better than paid services you’d get elsewhere. We want these services to be valuable to you. And while enjoying these services, we want you to also get more benefits for your business by signing onto our paid services as soon as you can. P.S: Kindly scroll below to the faqs section to read our terms.

Free services we offer

30 Minutes Sales-Strategy Consulting

With the advancement in new media, business owners now have many sales & marketing avenues to choose from to grow. Social media, SEO, Email Marketing, Video Marketing SMS Marketing etc. But this has brought another burden. It has brought confusion & fragmentation. For example: You sell food online, which digital platform should you focuse more energy on. Or should you even do your promotions offline rather? Which will be most effective? That is where we come in. Every business niche is unique. With years of experience in various markets and enough data to know which marketing platform and sales strategy to use for your business, we will untangle the twines for you. We will help you connect better with your brand persona and sell to them exactly what they need, when they need it in the best environments possible.

Social Media Management Trial

We will manage your social media professionally for you. It's easy to setup a free social media account for your business. But keeing it engaged with loyal followers can be quite the drill. Try this service and you'll get higher conversions, higher brand authority and higher brand loyalty from Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok etc.

Facebook Ads Setup

Facebook ads alone can build your business better than many offline marketing avenues. But there is a side of Facebook ads that is a bit technical. Think of it as the 'war-room'. That is where all the action is. Business manager, targeting, re-targeting, ad copy, ad accounts, payment accounts etc. We will take care of this headache while you take care of releasing the best products for your market.

3 Days Unlimited Designs Trial

A teaser into our unlimited monthly graphic design packages. Need kick-ass graphic design services for your business? Our in-house design team is ready to tease your taste buds to pixel-perfect, reliable branding & designs for your business across various verticals: Logos, social media designs, banners, flyers etc. After this, you'll be more than glad to sign up to our flat rate unlimited monthly design service.

Free Website Audit

A Well Audited Website Helps It To Be Better Optimized for Conversions, Leads, Sales & Growth

Free SEO Audit

Find Traffic-Driving Keywords, Build Quality Backlinks, Spy On Competitors & Get Ranked Higher on Search

Reputation Management Trial

What People Say About You Online Matter. Don't Let Bad Reviews or PR Break Your Business. SEE MORE.

Your 1st Content/Ad copy on us

Your 1st Facebook Ad, Blogpost, Email Content, Press Release or Any Content On The House.

Free WordPress Speed Optimization

Website speed is part of Google's primary requirments for higher SEO rankings. A 3 second decrease in load time can lead your visitor away. This service will solve that.

Free WordPress Security Optimization

We'll secure your website and make it malware & hacker proof. Enjoy military grade security with our simple setup and block off the bad guys.

Website Conversion Critique

Your website should be always "Market Ready". Meaning, analyzed from a third party marketing point of view. We'll deliver a full descriptive 'report', on features your website may be doing great and where you may be 'leaving money on the table'.

Chatbots Setup

Work smarter by automating your customer exprriences using chatboats. Automate WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook comment replies, Facebook messages etc.

Facebook Pixel Setup

Running Ads? Facebook pixel is a most important tool. It helps you measure the effectiveness of your advertising by understanding the actions people take on your website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the catch?

No catch, really. We want to turn you into a paying customer. And this is how we plan on doing it. Open the door by providing a service to get your heart panting for more of us. And hopefully ONLY Us.

Can i apply for all services

Unfortunately, you can't. Since these are services and will require manual work to be done to fulfill. So every business can apply for only 1 free service at a time. Want to apply for more? Kindly indicate in the 'optional message' section of the form and we may consider arranging that.

What are your terms

You must have a good social media presence or proof of productive business offline. You must have good budget for growing your business and your business must be in good standing both legally and productively.

More about the services

All the services above cost $100s to offer. And they are not rendered the same. Some take time, while others take more resources. We encourage you to be quick to provide the material we ask of from you and also be patient with us when demand goes up.

What happens after I fill the form?

If you qualify, we'll get in touch with you via call or email immediately. Then we'll schedule your work, ask for any material we'll need from you and give you a timeline to follow. We'll need you to be on standby after you fill the form to help us get any material we'll need to start your work.

I loved the services. I want more. What do I do?

Good question! You can sign up to any of our paid services by clicking on OUR SERVICES. You can also check OUR PRODUCTS section to get any of our products.

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