As they saw businesses struggle to engage with their audience on a human level, John Doe and Davis wanted to create a way for people to easily share their knowledge online with their audience; thus, Royal.Co was born.

Royal.Co is a content marketing agency based in San Francisco, CA. Our goal as an organization is to help our clients find balance in their content marketing.

In 2011, Royal.Co was founded on the belief that the best content establishes trust, breathes authenticity, and provides readers with true value. The way to create this content is through working with experts and extracting their knowledge.

That’s why John Doe and Davis teamed up to create a company to help business leaders share their expertise through content marketing.

What We Do?

We have a wide range of experience, expertise and tools to create and implement your campaigns, from carefully curating awesome content to optimising it online with our great SEO and PPC powers, not to mention exceptional social media skills.

how we do it

To get under the skin of your content, we match your project with the team members best-suited to it. We may be in digital marketing but we work human to human, so we’ll work closely with you to really get under the skin of your goals.

You’ll notice that we don’t like to overcomplicate things – so we only use technical jargon if we’re going for a triple-word score in Scrabble.

OUR Clients

Our team

We use our combined personal experiences and interests to inform our own brand values and company offerings. Our roots are grounded in fashion, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, and technology so working with our partners and connecting with their audiences comes naturally.