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Loccaly is a company that arose from an itch that our founder (Josh ) did not quite seem to scratch. The question every business owner asks him/herself daily. How to grow more. Like some divine mission, we mastered the same art Apple, Pampers, McDonalds, Google and most Fortune 500 household names used to get to the top. Coupled with the internet, we have carved the perfect strategies to make your local business more addictive than the internet itself.


We are not your usual “marketing agency”. We are a family. A family of go-getters. The growth hormone of local businesses. An agency every winning business wants to partner with. We drive in sales and pull in customers till you get fed up.  We comprise a team of online sales professionals, creatives, strategists & guerilla marketers, growth hackers, creators, dreamers, web fanatics, consultants and traditional/offline sales pros with a sole mission: to help your businesses dominate their entire market, city, country. 

A Team of Go Getters

Think about the 927,840+ people who search your particular product on Google every day in just your country. Also, consider the 3 million+ others searching for your particular product on Facebook every single day. On Instagram, Apps, Twitter, Forums, Classifieds, business listings; name them. Now, think about your biggest competitor. The guys leading the pack. What if you could spend a fraction of what they spend, to attract more business? Position Yourself right where your most hungry customers are and deliver to them exactly when they need you. We can show you how. 

Cheif Executive Officer

Everything we do is to help businesses succeed

Everything we do is to help local businesses succeed. Every step we take and every decision we make transforms their marketing practices from confusion to clarity. We pick the easily accessible yet complex and fragmented marketing channels and strategies out there, simplify it to achieve great results for your company. When you join us, rest assured that we will unlock your paths to more leads & sales, measurable growth, and better customer relations. We are, Loccaly.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the de facto digital marketing partner of choice for local businesses who aren’t unlocking the full potential of the internet as a medium to fuel their growth.

Our Mission

Our mission is first to build deeper business relationships, and then use our expertise to help build your brand; provide your brand with evergreen leads, sales, growth, domination, and monopoly in your entire country, city or chosen marketplace.

Google Partner Certified

Bing Patner Certified

Our fast growth

Loccaly is set to be the fastest growing local business marketing agency across the entire cloud space by mid 2019.

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Vice President

John Smithy

Chief Financial Officer

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Senior Engineer

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HR Manager

What Clients Say?

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    John Doe
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    Jane Smith
    Web Marketing Analyst
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    CEO Of Apple Corp.

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