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About The Best Local Marketing Agency, Team Loccaly

Not all businesses are built equal.

This is where business and marketing has reached in 2021:  Too much noise. Too much complexities. Cookie-cluttered systems. 1001 things to learn first. Fragmented ideas. Confusion upon confution. Not good for business. 

Which of these do you want? Growth for your business with less friction. Or too much activity with no results.

Team Loccaly is a Local Marketing Agency that serves businesses in both Ghana and Nigeria. We have perfected a proven client-aquisition process that can pick any type of business and nurture it to fortune 500 level success.

We've broken it all down to a 3-step equation!



Sniper level targeted prospecting follwed by human level relationships.



Go all out! Giving them exactly what they want, when they want it and how they want it.



Get them to buy even bad air so far as it is from you. For life!

Loccaly LLC

Loccaly is a company that arose from an itch that our founder (Joshua Love) could not quite seem to scratch. Proven client acquisition strategies that grows businesses.

This is, knowing the exact actions to take to acquire prospects to your local business, nurture them, turn them into paying customers and have their loyalty for life.

To him, if business owners can get this to a simple equation, they may never struggle with their marketing again.

Loccaly’s goal is to grow into tight knit of top level performance marketers, copywriters and customer acquisition team members working together towards one goal.

This goal is to create Africa’s best digital marketing company with the purpose of empowering businesses by simplifying their marketing processes.

Joshua Love


Industries We Serve

This about page is not only about us. It is also about you. Because you want to know if both your business and us are a perfect fit to work together. Let’s see. For now we don’t work in every industry. 

We Serve Businesses Across Only 4 Industries

Ecommerce Businesses

Professional Services

Real Estate Businesses

Network Marketing Companies

Food & Restaurants
Beauty & Salons
Real Estates
Ecommerce Owners
Real Estates
Network marketing companies
Food & Restaurants
Beauty & Salons

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